Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Grasp a Brief Account of Food Service Equipment

Food Service define those businesses, institutions or companies responsible for preparing and serving Food and beverages outside home. It includes restaurants, cafeteria in schools, colleges and hospitals 

Food Service Equipment play a key role in running food service industry as they help food businesses like Pizza Hut, Mc. Donalds, Burger King, Haldirams etc. as well as hotels to prepare and serve variety of food items. Middleby Celfrost is a perfect example of a manufacturer who develops, manufactures, markets and services the equipment’s used in commercial food service. 

Check out some of the equipments by Middleby Celfrost:

1. Deep Fryer with Filter: Middlebuy manufactures, markets and services deep fryer with filter under brand name PITCO


2. Commercial Super automatic espresso machine:Commercial Super automatic espresso machine are manufactured and marketed by the company under brand name La Cimbali. These espresso machines are used by popular beverage companies like Barista Lavazza Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf Company.


3. Medical refrigeration:Celfrost develops and brings into India reliable medical refrigeration products for laboratories, hospitals, research centres for storing life- saving vaccinations and other medical instruments.

4. Cold rooms: Cold rooms are also made available in India by Middleby Celfrost for hotels, restaurants and medical firms. They are quick and easy to install, comes in flexible panel sizes ensuring efficient space utilization up to the last 6 inches of space with optimal temperature management, with a choice of low-energy consuming, unitary or remote refrigeration system.


5. Upright Coolers and Freezers:Upright Coolers and Freezers are made available in India by Middleby Celfrost. Different types of Upright Coolers and Freezers are: Chest Freezers, Upright Coolers, Upright Freezers, Multideck Cabinets, Island Freezers, Ice Cream/Gelato Scooping Cabinets, Confectionary Showcases


6. Ovens:Different types of ovens manufactured by Middleby Celfrost are: Conveyor Ovens, Combi Ovens, Speed Ovens. These types of ovens are used restaurants to prepare and serve food of consistent quality to customers.

7. Bakery Equipments: Middleby Celfrost has made the life of bakers easier by manufacturing and delivering comprehensive range of bakery equipments like Planetary Mixers, Spiral Mixers, Dough Sheeters, Dough Dividers, Electric Deck Ovens and Proofing Cabinets.

8. Ice Cream Machines and Flakers: Ice Cream Machines and Flakers come in capacities varying from 20 kgs to 110 kgs. These are perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets bars, coffee shops, convenience stores etc.

9. Induction Cookers and Warmers: Middleby Celfrost offers the advanced induction cooking technology that helps chefs make great food at supersonic speed enhancing their productivity. They are faster for cooking foods and other items, safe to use, easy to clean and also saves energy.

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