Friday, 17 March 2017

Global Leader of Commercial Foodservice Equipment - Middleby Celfrost

Do you now, our food sector has very diverse and unstructured as well? Yes, many brands are still playing fast and loose with the food laws of India and running without approving any tests. Only a handful of brands has approved through all the standards and meant to be safe as per the health standards. In some remote places, the situation is worse and the fake brands even made baby products through fake standards. Many Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in India are also manufacturing units with no efficiency and standards and breaking laws in the broad daylight. Here we are specifically talking about the processing units for food. Currently, only a few manufacturers have the state license to manufacture units, despite many are operating without the license and manufacturing many units.  So it is our duty as a responsible citizen to report such manufacturing units to FCI (Food corporation of India) and stop these menaces, as they are badly affecting our health.

So, if you are looking for an even Multideck Display Fridge, always go with the standard one from a prominent manufacturer, it may cost a little higher, but it enhances your productivity and the quality assurance. Non-standard equipment comes with many cons, like – Comes with low productivity, comes with little life, no efficiency and much more. There are many standards set by the FCI and the government of India to fix this menace, so after ensuring these all standards one should go with the any of these food processing units. Always demands FCI certificate from a manufacturer, as, without it, they are not liable to sell and manufacture those units in any case. From past decade, many laws have been inducted to stop this menace and fraud, even the laws with the stringent punishment have come into rule book and many have been punished under these laws. So beware all the frauds, these laws are coming to catch you as well.

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