Friday, 16 December 2016

Middleby Celfrost Offers Best Commercial Combi Oven & Countertop Speed Oven

Houno is a developer and manufacturer of various kind of oven. It is basically based in Randers, Denmark and a specialist in oven manufacturing of different kinds and features. It is one of the best suppliers of food service equipment, like: Refrigerator, fryer, coffee machine, bakery equipment, etc. Its manufacturing process includes modern science and technology. It is passionate for working with latest technology is its passion and presenting that technology with a touch of design and comfort to customers.  Many hotels and restaurants are taking advantages and selling equipments for various purposes.

Houno involves in manufacturing of various kind of Ovens with special features. Its oven quality and their manufacturing process make them a top food service equipment supplier. Three types of ovens are manufactured by Houno: conveyer oven, combi ovens, and speed oven. These ovens have distinct features with special qualities. Conveyer ovens are known for best heat and space. It is ideal for restaurant use. You can bake 60 pizzas at a time, and so convenient for restaurant use for consistent serving of hot food.  It has a record in Guinness book for heating feature. Use implemented technology for baking. It provide Best Commercial Combi Oven which is used to bake any stuff, whether it is a large sized pizza or chicken. It can bake, roast, and steam food material. It introduces tourbochef series of oven which are fastest oven called Speed oven. This Countertop Speed Oven uses microwave system with cool touch exterior.

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